• Image of 'Grey Portrait No.1' by Adam Neate
  • Image of 'Grey Portrait No.1' by Adam Neate
  • Image of 'Grey Portrait No.1' by Adam Neate

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'Adam Neate (born 1977) is a British painter, conceptual artist and described by The Telegraph in 2008 as "one of the world's best-known street artists". He specialised in painting urban art on recycled cardboard, and has left thousands of works in the street for anyone to collect. He is a contributor from the movement in transferring street art into galleries. Neate's street art has garnered global interest, having been documented on CNN reports and European television. Major collectors and celebrities are fighting for his original works and international critics have lauded the artist's work. Since 2011 Neate has been mastering his own language of 'Dimensional Painting'.'

'Grey Portrait No.1' is from a very small edition of 5 released in 2012 at Elms Lesters, and heralds Adam's foray into Lenticular technology - bringing to life the distorted multiple view points of the piece. In the flesh 'Grey Portrait No.1' is stunning and dizzying at the same time.

SoliDDD Lenticular / 3D Glass Lenticular
65.5 x 96cm
A Dimensional Edition of 5

Delivery available worldwide.
Price for postage and packing determined on sale.

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*** Please note the frame is for illustrative purposes only, and the print comes as originally packaged. Framing advice is of course available. ***

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