• Image of 'Amiable Rouge #3' by Prefab 77
  • Image of 'Amiable Rouge #3' by Prefab 77

Prefab77 are a collection of artists who have origins in the north of England, California and New York.

“We create fast, hard edged and stripped down artwork that is often political, sometimes anti-establishment, but always beautiful. We weave small pieces of modern popular culture, pure rock and rebellion reflecting on the passing of our familiar institutions, shadowy establishment on the take and take small bites out of the underbelly of our modern culture that gets more bizarre with each passing day.”

Unique Hand Painted Multiple
Very heavily painted / printed / overprinted screen print
Gloss black print on acrylic and spray paint on 300gm paper
700 x 1000mm approx
Signed stamped and marked 1/1

NOTE: These prints are VERY heavily hand-painted and sprayed. Any spray marks, paint splats, and possibly the odd rogue thumb-print are all part of the piece and not errors!

Delivery available worldwide.
Price for postage and packing determined on sale.

Please contact me with any enquiries.

*** Please note the frame is for illustrative purposes only, and the print comes as originally packaged. Framing advice will be offered upon purchase. ***

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